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Breaking Down Wellness CORE Dog Food TheDogDigest Way

After months of eating the same chow, your canine may seem to have grown tired of it. Sure, they eat it, but not with the same enthusiasm as before. You’ve learned the hard way that our furry friends, too, can get bored from munching on the same dog food over and over again.

Now you want to offer a different recipe and a new, exciting taste to your pet, but don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and with heaps of dog food brands that swear to offer precisely what our pooches need, it’s hard to find those that truly put their money where their mouth is.

From the packaging to ingredients and essential nutrients, there’s a whole lot to consider when choosing a brand that delivers on the promise of offering complete and balanced nutrition and doesn’t resort to various marketing ploys to coerce you into buying it.

Luckily, there are a handful of places that offer abundant and accurate info on nutritional requirements of different breeds and crossbreeds without bias and the need to profit from the brands they review.

Unlike the majority of others, TheDogDigest conducts honest reviews, anchored in scientific facts about canine nutrition, and coupled with months of research into particular food types or brands.

One such brand that has undoubtedly come to your attention is Wellness CORE dog food, and these dog lovers took it upon themselves to test this well-known brand and its “complete and balanced nutrition” claims.

What Is Complete and Balanced Nutrition Anyway?

The term “complete and balanced” diet is widely used to describe food that meets the nutritional requirements of canines. As you may have guessed, there’s much more to this description than slapping it on the label.

“Complete” grub is the one that offers all of the essential nutrients for the proper growth and health maintenance of dogs. That comes down to a total of dozens of nutrients at adequate levels that meet the dog’s nutritional needs. Among them, there are protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

If dog food contains all of them in an appropriate quantity, it has passed the completeness test.

Mixing these is not enough to make food balanced; the balance of nutrition is achieved by making sure that all of them are contained at correct levels relative to each other. Some of the most critical balances in dog food are, for example, the calcium-to-phosphorus and selenium-to-vitamin E ratios.

TheDogDigest’s Dog Food Criteria

To meet the standards of a proper canine diet, a brand has to satisfy a few main criteria. Those benchmarks are established in consultation with veterinarians, pet store workers, and dog parents themselves.

The main items sought in dog food are high levels of protein sourced from real meat and no unnamed meat by-products; moderate amounts of carbs; high levels of health-beneficial lipids; and fruits and leafy vegetables that serve as the source of essential micronutrients, i.e., vitamins and minerals.

Meeting these requirements is not easy—many dog food producers resort to cheaper, low-quality protein sources, or boost the protein effect by adding inexpensive, hard-to-digest protein fillers such as corn.

Wholesome Food for Any Stage of Dog’s Life

Of course, the dietary needs of dogs change with their age, and meeting them should be at the top of the agenda of any dog owner.

There aren’t many lines of dog food that meet these demands, and brands that successfully satisfy those needs in every stage of a dog’s life are even harder to find.

The thorough review of Wellness CORE dog food carried out by TheDogDigest proves that this is indeed possible.

From puppyhood to senior age, this brand has a full range of dry and wet meals, snacks, and toppers to address the nutritional needs of even the pickiest pooches in a variety of flavors.

Keep Up with Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs with TheDogDigest

Learning as much as you can about the needs of your dog food-wise is essential to consider yourself a successful dog owner. That is where TheDogDigest steps in to help you find only the best grub for your pooch and single out food that is nothing more than a cleverly designed label and a flashy brand name.

Not only do these dedicated dog aficionados offer in-depth reviews of specific brands, but they also provide general advice on what dog food should look like.

Once you’ve done reading this particular review, don’t stop there! Take your time to explore many useful articles on the difference in dietary needs of small and large breeds, or pups and seniors.

The site offers a little something for everyone, from experienced to first-time owners to dog lovers looking for random trivia about different breeds and mixed breeds.

Give it go, and we guarantee TheDogDigest will become your number one source of information on all canine-related things.

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