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We all love to include our furry friends to trips at the park, on hikes, and to the beach.

Let’s face it though trips like these can get your dog very dirty.

Although most dogs hate showers there are a few tips you can do to make his/her experience worthwhile. It is also a great way to bond with your dog.

Invest in a Tub

It’s possible to give your dog a bath inside a shower but this is not ideal.

  • Most showers do not have a handheld showerhead so you would have to install one
  • You could end up getting wet while taking your dog a shower
  • Could experience back pain

Buying a tub can make your life and your dogs easier. Most tubs have a built-in handheld showerhead. Handheld showerheads are a lot easier to use as you can just grab it and raise it around your dog’s body.

  • Tubs are large and deep enough for large dogs
  • Soaking your dog might calm him/her down
  • Can wash your dog with ease
  • Spa like experience for your dog
  • Fewer water spillings on the floor of your bathroom

Implement Safety

If your dog dislikes showers, you should put his/her leash on to make sure your dog does not jump out.

Also, buy a non-slip mat so that your dog doesn’t potentially slip while getting out of the shower.

Additional Items To Use:

  • Shampoo Mitt
  • Special doggie shower sprayer
  • Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel
  • Pet Hair Trap

Brush Your Dog Before The Bath

Brush your dog before taking him/her a shower to avoid hair from clogging the drain. Brushing your dog’s hair also removes unwanted mats and keeps their coat looking fresh and clean.

Types of Brushes To Use

Bristle Brush: This type of brush works well for any coat. It differs by the spacing and length of the bristles. More widely spaced bristles work best for long-haired dogs and stiff bristles are helpful for coarse coats.

Wire Pin Brush: This type of brush has a rubber tip at each end. Works well for medium to long hair dogs and breeds with wooly coats.

Slicker Brush: Contains fine wire bristles. These are ideal for untangling knots and working out mattes.

Keep Comfort Items Nearby

Taking your dog a bath can be stressful. Keep comfort items near the bath so that your dog remains calm.

Take out toys your dog enjoys the most. This will help your dog feel less anxious about taking a bath and it could be a fun experience for you and your dog. It could also be a great time to bond with your dog.

Reward your dog with a treat for good behavior during bath time. This will change your dog’s view of bath time as a rewarding experience.

Use Dog Products Only

Human products can be harmful to your dog’s coat. Dog products are safe to use on your dog while gently removing oil and dirt to keep your dog’s coat clean and shiny.

Don’t forget to also use conditioner after shampooing your dog’s hair, that way their hair is soft and manageable for brushing.

Other Supplies You Might Want To Have:

  • Dog Nail Trimmers
  • A Pet-Safe Hair Dryer

Dry Your Dog Completely After a Bath

After finishing up with your dog’s bath, make sure you have enough towels to dry your dog and keep him/her warm.

Ideally, you’ll need two towels, one for the initial moment after the bath and the other to completely dry your dog off.

Your dog is an important member of your family so it is important to make them feel comfortable after a bath.

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