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If you want to stop your dog from digging in your backyard, there are several different ways to stop it. You can bury large rocks, bury a chicken-wire fence, or punish your dog. One of the most effective ways to prevent digging is by using water. The scent of water makes your dog want to run away and you’ll likely find that your dog will stop digging if you spray it.

Lack of exercise

One of the main reasons your dog might be digging around your home is boredom. Providing plenty of exercise for your dog can help relieve this boredom and stop your dog from digging. Playing fetch and swimming are great ways to get your dog moving and exercising. Besides, tired dogs don’t dig as much. Digging is a natural behavior of dogs because they hunt for prey. For example, a dog may dig up a rodent if it’s not in sight.

Your dog’s natural instinct is to find prey, so the best way to stop your dog from digging is to give it a positive outlet, such as playing fetch with a ball. You can also take your dog to a lure coursing or barn hunt class, which can give it a great outlet. However, remember to remove prey animals from your yard, as these creatures can carry dangerous diseases like tularemia and tapeworms. In some cases, you’ll need to call a wildlife rehabilitator to safely remove these animals from your yard.


One of the most effective methods of curbing your dog’s digging habit is redirecting his behavior. Punishing him immediately after he starts digging isn’t the best solution because it doesn’t address the underlying cause of the problem. Instead, you should focus on redirecting the behavior by offering your dog something more appropriate to do in the area.

One method of redirection is using a rubber balloon. This is effective because your dog’s sharp nails will pop it, and the noise will scare him away. The dog must be prevented from swallowing the balloon pieces, so use it carefully. After a few attempts, your dog will stop digging for good.

Planting cactus

Planting cactus to deter a dog from digging is a simple and effective solution. This prickly plant can grow into large plants and will also make your yard more attractive. A cactus is an excellent plant to use in the garden as it is low maintenance and can tolerate low light. The plant also tolerates frost. It is best planted near the edge of a fence or along the base of a fence.

Commercial products

There are many commercial products available that can help stop your dog from digging. Some contain citronella oil, vinegar, or citrus fruit. You can also try homemade sprays. The trick is to find one that works for your dog. Some repellents are safe for humans, while others can harm your plants.

Using commercial products to stop your dog from digging may seem like a good idea, but they can only help your dog if you know what to do first. One of the best ways to stop your dog from digging is to provide mental and physical stimulation. Taking your dog for long walks and playing fetch are great ways to tire them out. Another effective solution is to fence sections of your yard. This will prevent your dog from digging in the sections that you’ve fenced.

Another popular way to stop a dog from digging is to bury large rocks in the ground. Burying these rocks is a cheaper alternative to chicken wire. Water is also another effective digging deterrent. When the dog smells the water, it will run away.

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