Guest Posting For The Natural Dog Niche

Thanks for your interest in blogging for Care4Dogs! We love connecting with writers who can help us fulfill our mission.

Please review our contributor guidelines before submitting your application. 🙂

Contributor Guidelines

  • Submitted content must be AT LEAST 750 Words.
  • Posts may contain relevant images, videos and outbound links that improve the experience of our blogging community. 
  • No advertorial or promotional content.

Prohibited Content

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Diet and Weight Loss
  • Gambling, Casinos 
  • Adult Related
  • Illegal Drugs (Marijuana is a medicine so it is allowed)

Unacceptable links:

  • Affiliate links
  • One’s own company links (homepage, About Us, Contact, Prices, Products, etc.)
  • Product/service/pricing pages
  • Category/tag pages
  • Company social profile links — please place these in your profile instead.

What counts as plagiarism

  • Copying another person’s work and submitting it as your own, word-for-word.
  • Copying another person’s work and changing some words or phrases.
  • Copying any part of another person’s work, whether changing words or not.
  • “Spinning” another person’s work.
  • Using another person’s idea as your own, including the progression, flow, and main points of a post, examples, images, etc.
  • Copying content from any website, whether an author is given or not.