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How much do you know about your best friend? Don’t worry—it’s not a trick question. You know their name, appearance, and preferences when it comes to food, clothing, music, free time, and so on. You probably also know if they have any predispositions to health problems, and you can predict their reactions with relative ease.

Much of the same should apply to man’s best friend. As soon as you spend some time with a dog, you start to notice things. It tilts its little head cutely to one side when it thinks you’re doing something weird. It prefers a particular spot on the couch. It favors one brand of food over the other.

It’s all trial and error for the most part, but you can reduce the necessity for guesswork if you get info on the breed you’re dealing with. TheDogDigest can help you find all the details you need to get familiar with your new furry pal much faster.

Why should you care?

There are so many breeds of dogs today. From the minuscule Chihuahuas to gargantuan Newfoundland Dogs, the choice is vast and overwhelming. Yet most of what people seem to know about breeds is limited to physical properties—size and appearance, to be more specific.

Many people seem to think that assuming character traits in a dog based on its breed is something like dog-related racism. It’s not. It’s years and years of selective breeding meant to enforce specific characteristics and tone down others. Breeds are created with a purpose, and even though you probably don’t intend to use your Poodle to hunt ducks, it still feels the drive to fetch. Getting familiar with the general characteristics and history of a breed can be of immense help when dealing with a particularly stubborn little fellow.

It’s quite easy to find info on a specific breed. With mixed breeds, however, things get a little more complicated. The articles you can find online can be a bit subjective or less general and more case-based. This is not that bad since you can still form conclusions if you read enough of these less-than-objective reports, but honestly, you’re probably going to feel much safer if you find legit info.

Husky Corgi Mix

If you’ve set your sights on this beautiful little bundle of crazy, and you’ve ever heard anything about Husky or Corgi, you know you’ll need all the help you can get. Throw a little Husky in the mix, and you get a stubborn, opinionated little thing. It’s likely to—in an almost unbelievably vocal way—argue its point and push your buttons. You’ll only be able to train it if you’re consistent and strict, so the husky knows who the alpha is.

And you have to be the alpha at all times. If you waver just a little, the Corgi side will try to train you. Your cute little puppy will turn into your worst nightmare. It’ll go all bossy on you and get stubborn to the point of not eating because you’re sitting in its spot.

If you’re a future owner, you need to be prepared for any difficulty that comes your way. Horgis are adorable, affectionate, playful, and fun, and all of these traits combined will make you feel like you want to spoil them rotten. If you’re not aware of how difficult it can make your life, you might be tempted to give in to the urge to let them have their way and cause all sorts of problems down the road.

If you’re already an owner, you may be wondering about certain behaviors of your little monster. The information on the breed can shed some light on the things that may seem barking mad to you. It can also help you notice any unusual or atypical behavior and get to the bottom of it. The more you know, the more likely you are to prevent the problems, instead of just dealing with them when they’re already there.

Of course, every dog is its own man. They have their unique personalities, preferences, and habits, and that’s completely normal. Still, their drive is tightly connected to their breed, and most dogs will try to do what they were made to do—but it’s your job to find a way to make it fit into your lifestyle. Organizing the playtime in a manner suitable to the breed can help avoid many issues down the road.

Learn all you need with TheDogDigest

In the sea of subjectivity, misinformation, and misrepresentation, finding what you need may prove to be a bit more challenging than you’d expect. It’s imperative to find a reliable source to help you prepare for what’s to come or equip you with the knowledge necessary to combat the husky pig-headedness in your new furry monster. Learn more about your predicament on TheDogDigest, arm yourself with love and patience, and you’ll have your best bud eating out of the palm of your hand!

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